Video keeps playing after Jellyfin access should be blocked

Hi, I have set up an access schedule in Jellyfin. When access should be blocked, the video keeps playing. As soon as you stop playback, than another video can’t be started outside of the set timeframe, which is good. Is it possible to fix this?

Wouldn’t it be up to Jellyfin to stop sending video at the set time?

Hi NC_Bullseye. Yes, they told me how it works. Infuse requests an URL and if the request is done before the end of the schedule, the whole video continues to play. I hope they are able to fix this. The access schedule is not very useful now. Thanks for replying.

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Depending on what device you’re using and assuming this is for limiting kids viewing hours you may want to look at Apples Screen Time and also look at your router features, many offer parental controls that will cut access at specific times.

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Yeah, welcome to the imperfect world of parental controls. Apples Screen Time is available on almost all Apple devices but not Apple TV. You have some restrictions available, but no access schedule. As for the wifi router, it only blocks internet traffic, not local traffic. I have Jellyfin installed on a local NAS. No luck on the TV either. I have a Sony with and old version of Android TV. Google TV supports setting screen time limits, but my TV is too old for that but not old and cheap enough to justify buying a new TV. But thanks for thinking along. If you have any other suggestions, they are more than welcome.

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