Video jumps skipping sections, only on Infuse

For weeks I’ve been having problems with jumping files on Apple TV Infuse. The videos will be playing fine and then it just jumps ahead, skipping sections of video. It’ll happen multiple times until I get frustrated and take out my laptop to airplay the content. The files work file on VLC and when sent to the Apple TV video AirPlay mirroring.

I’m really hoping to get some resolution on this. Infuse has basically become unusable because it’s so unreliable with so many files.

Troubleshooting so far:

  • I thought my hard drive was dying so I bought I new one, transferred content, and it wasn’t that. The problem persists.
  • I have restarted the App, the Apple TV, and the router.
  • There have been no changes to the Router Firmware.
  • Apple TV is running current version, 15.5.1
  • Infuse App up to date via autoupdate

Example file that works fine with VLC but is jumpy with Infuse on Apple TV:

Is it jumping at the same place every time or random?

It sounds like you may have the Infuse playback setting for “chapter control” set to on and maybe your remote is touchy for the skip forward and back. I have one of those silicone covers on mine and it gets oily under the sides from swiping. It does strangeness until I clean it again.

Do you have Infuse on any other device to test the same video?

Thanks for the suggestions.

It happens randomly on multiple files.

Chapter control is not on.

My remote is spotless.

I don’t use Infuse on anything but Apple TV.

How much does it jump when it does? Is there a buffering when it does it or does it just jump ahead?

No buffering, it just skips ahead. Sometimes it’s a little sometimes it’s a lot. We notice it when watching Jeopardy because sometimes it jumps past clues or skips part of the final jeopardy song. Again, these files are fine on VLC.

Same happening for me I thought it was my Apple TV 4K gen 1 so upgraded to latest one 2022 128gb model with ethernet and still same skipping and pixelation. I trued upgrading my hard drive from a 3tb wd cycloid to a mycloud ex2 ultra out literally one video file on it and its the same jumps and skips and goes green with pixelation, it never did this in infuse 6 and my speed test is 500MB/s cat6 I am so confused what the cause is its been going on for over 6 months ?.. any ideas ?

Sony 65 4k TV - all picture processing options disabled
Connected to latest apple tv (2022) 4k via high speed hdmi
(Match content and framerate enabled)
ethernet cat 6 to wdmycloud 3tb
virgin media superhub 3

Problem green pixelation skipping jumping , no buffering problems no audio sync problems

Is this jumping like a frame stutter or is it actually jumping several seconds or more without giving you a spinning wheel?

Is this on all videos?

I have exactly the same problem, with similar hardware including buying latest 4K ATV in hopes that the new processor would help. I REALLY wan’t to sort this out it’s bugging the crap out of me.