Video Freezing

Has anyone experienced video freezing midway during playback? I’ve watched several movies and it will freeze about 2 to 4 times during a two hour duration. In order to play the video again, I need to hit the menu button and resume playback. I’m playing MKV videos that are around 8-12GB in size. Also have SRT subtitle enabled.

Here is screenshot of what my video looks like when it freezes, the loading circle in the center just keeps spinning. Is this a known issue and is there a fix currently or perhaps in a future patch?

Hey James, was wondering if you’re aware of this video freezing issue. I forgot to mention, I’m streaming the video from my Synology NAS. Videos are typically 8-12GB x264 MKV files with english/chinese subtitles enabled. Please let me know if any additional info is needed to troubleshoot this issue. Thanks!

It’s not something we’ve seen here, but 4.1 will be out soon and will include a number of playback and streaming related improvements.