Video 'freezing', or stopping, buffer icon showing, won't resume on it's own..

Hi there,

Not sure if any one else has experienced this, and at this stage I’m not sure if it’s codec related…

Particular movies just freeze, generally at the start (for two now). Appears to be .mkv format, further codec information unknown. It appears I can skip 30sec forward and it will continue to play, but pauses again at an unknown point, it happened halfway through a movie when it first happened and I just skipped 30sec-1min when it paused but it got frustrating.


  • Chromecast 2, hardwire kit (running via eth not wifi)
  • Ipad air 2, up to date OS
  • Streaming from Synology NAS ds213 w/WD Red drives
  • Streaming via smb, logged in with userid and pass
  • Have tried upnp streaming (no logging in) but same issue, pause at same point of movie, this interface however sucks (just a directory listing really) and I wouldn’t be paying for this app if I had that interface as…
  • VLC has similar interface when in that mode, and VLC plays the movie just fine (via upnp at the moment), although on this one tonight threw a ’ Performance’ error of some sort indicating it would have to do some ‘conversion’ which may chew the battery.

Any ideas as to what may be up, anything obviously wrong or problematic with my setup!?

Welcome to the forum!

If you play these same videos a second time, do you see the freeze at the same point each time, or is this happening at random points?

If it’s happening at the same point, there may be something specific about these files which is causing an issue. If possible, sending in a sample can help us investigate this.

Hey James,

Thanks for chiming in…

Yes, freezing at the same point every time from what I can tell so far, it’s consistent. Some of these files are big, 3-9gb so I won’t be uploading them on my connection (upload slow). Not yet anyway. I’m just surprised no-one else has had this issue, and therefore would like to try a few more things to see if it’s related to my setup - ie. reboot router, nas, etc…
I suppose I was hoping for this to have been experienced by others and there be a simple fix… apparently not at this stage! Will keep you posted.

Yes, I’m having this issue as well. Movie starts and at the starting 5 seconds or so movie freezes, won’t resume playback automatically, won’t do anything.

Maybe try nplayer? I may have to aswell…

Sorry, if you have a chance to send in a report, it may help us track down what is going on in this case.

Had a random crash again lastnight most way through a flick, at least it saved the time when it dropped and resumed close enough… went to send email as suggested and app said I don’t have an email account setup, even though I have 2 accounts setup on gmail and edison… that’s it for me when my sub runs out I’m gonna have to try something else… I generally don’t pay for apps so when I do, I expect them to be pretty close to perfect / fit for purpose!

Sorry, this isn’t typical, and we’d love to take a look at this if you wouldn’t mind sending in quick report from your device.

I have the same problem that Pete. I have movies in Google Drive with 720p quality but just freeze at the start. I use Chromecast 2 too. Could that be the problem? Or maybe GDrive?
I also rebooted Chromecast and my router but my connection works correctly. Any Ideas?

Do you still have these issues after copying the movie to your iOS device? If no there’s some issue with transfer speed, if yes it’d be the file. If it’s the latter find out what codec it uses and find a similar small sample on the internet and see if it’s reproducible.

I’d expect that network is the issue if it’s used for streaming the movie to iOS device and then streaming it over Chromecast in the same network. Each would probably work on its own but combined might suffocate the bandwidth.