Video freezing on Apple TV Infuse 4.2 also 4.3


I have Apple TV, TimeCapsule, external USB HD connected to TimeCapsule.
On HD I have lot of films, but in last two version Infuse on Apple TV 4.2 and 4.3 I have problem with freezing video. I try connect Apple TV to TimeCapsule over ethernet over wifi AC, with different USB cable on external HD, but not help me. Video is usually in mkv with different size from 2GB to 10GB. When I play same video over Infuse on iPad work great and also on my MacBook. I have on all devices latest OS. Have you someone the same problem?

Thanks Viktor

If you have a chance, can you open a support ticket with a bit more info?

A few things that will help us track down the issue can be found here.

Stuttering in all video files that have to decode audio, Unwatchable really.
Is the apple tv4 hardware really upto it?

Yep Im done Beta testing, Back to oppo.