Video freezes, Audio continues in between watching a Movie/TV show

Lot of times while watching a Movie or a TV show the video suddenly freezes but the audio continues. Then I click on Menu come out to the main Movie/TV metadata screen and press play and resume again and it works.

Anybody else facing the same issue?

I have the same problem. And many of us have the same problem in the Czech Republic.

Please try the new 4.0.2 update to see if this is still happening.

4.0.2 includes a number of playback related improvements.

Is 4.0.2 out?

Yes. So far I have not re-encountered the “freezing video while audio continues playing” issue in v4.0.2. Hopefully it has been solved.

Thank you Firecore for working on this.

Yes, it seems that the problem is fixed in version 4.0.2
Thank Firecore :slight_smile: