Video freezes at specific points

I have a 16gb video muxed in MKVToolNix and every time I play the video, it freezes at around 6 seconds. If I skip over that part it will play for a little bit and freeze again. This issue only happen to 1% of my video files and if I remember correctly, they are all muxed in MKVToolNix. For clarification I have multiple 16gb mkv files that play just fine. My question is whether or not this will get fixed somehow or if there is a workaround because this annoys me so much.

EDIT…: I figured it would be a good idea to mention that the video is playable in VLC.

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By “freeze” do you mean the video just stops like you click pause or does it just freeze momentarily and continue on it’s own?

If it freezes and doesn’t start again on it’s own, what do you have to do to get it started again?

EDIT TO ADD: Just wanted to make sure you’re running the latest version 7.1.2 also.

Yes I’m running the latest version and when I say freeze I mean 100% freeze, and I have to skip in the video to get it to play again.

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It may help the Firecore team to figure out what’s going on if the next time this happens, go right to the settings and click on submit diagnostics and then post the 5 digit code here in the thread.

Sure. I would love to help getting this fixed! I’ll update this thread in about 2 - 4 hours when I get time. :slight_smile:

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Also could you post details of one of your troubled videos with mediainfo?

Is this happening with only this video, and does it always happen at the same timestamp?

If so, it could be something about this specific file. If you have a chance to upload this it could help in tracking down what’s going on here.

After a lot of testing I found out that it’s probably because my Chromecast is too old and I also just realized that I may have wasted everyone’s time. I still think it’s weird through that it only happens with videos muxed in MKVToolNix but maybe Chromecast just doesn’t work well with it? I really don’t know. It works with my Apple TV so I’ll just use that for now.

I appreciate the help!

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