Video folders display as folders AND Thumbnails

First post here. Hopefully it’s a reasonable one.

I have the Apple TV 4. I store my videos on a Seagate Central NAS and use SMB, I think it is to access them. Had problems using the other method.

Anyway, when I open Infuse there are two options - Folders or Library. Pointing to and selecting Folders I get a grid of folders as they are laid out on the NAS. Each has the folder or directory name under it. Select one and I get the list of videos.

If I scroll down the screen I get a grid of thumbnails rather than a folder icon showing the contents of each folder.

Why is Influse showing me half of the contents of the NAS as folders and the other half as Icons or thumbnails?

Now, some files have a description of the video, some just have a generic description which outlines the premise of the series. Where does Infuse get its info from to display for each file? I looked under file properties but those with episode descriptions had the same info as those without the specific ep descriptions.

Other than that Infuse works great.



If a folder contains a single video, then inFuse promotes it up a level and displays the video instead. If there are other files in the folder then this can stop inFuse doing such a promotion.

Some folders have multiple videos in them across a number of seasons. Some have separate sub-folders for each season. Doesn’t seem to matter which way it’s done, I get different results. Weird.