Video Files Vanishing From Directories

I have the blu-rays for all the new Doctor Who episodes and have backups on my server. My wife and I sat down to watch some of it this evening and we got this:

Notice, when you look at the episodes, which are listed in order, in season 6, episodes 3,6,9,10,12,13, and 14 (the Christmas special) are gone. So are episodes 1,3, and 4 in season 7. These episodes are there, in the directory and they were there, listed on screen, a few days ago when we watched episodes 10, 11, and 12.

I quit and went to VLC and all the episodes were there. We watched episodes 13 & 14 of season 6 and episode 1 of season 7, none of which are visible here.

I had NOT gone into any settings along the way and I force-quit and restared Infuse and still the same problem.

First, do you have view by file name on?

What version number of Infuse is this?

If you don’t could you provide the file name of a couple of the episodes you’re missing?

How are you connected to the server? SMB, FTP, DLNA, UPnP, etc?

Usually specials are not listed in the season they occurred, they are listed in season “00” under “Specials” . Infuse currently will only show aired order based on the S0xE0x of the file name so they wouldn’t necessarily follow the order of your DVD.

It’s odd that you are not showing individual seasons and then the episode names when you drill down to the season level.

This is how Infuse is displaying the Dr Who 2005 season 6 for me

Also, for this series the Dr Who 2005 is one of those exceptions where the year in the file name helps greatly for a TV show. This is due to there being other “Dr Who” TV series that first aired in a different year.

For example, “Dr Who 2005 S06E08 Lets Kill Hitler.mkv”

I’m connecting through Samba and have “View by filename” on. I know Doctor Who is an exception for listing and getting metadata. I have a lot of series on my server where I’ve just used the name and episode title, like “Adam_12-S01E05” and don’t have episode names in titles. At some point I’m going to write a program that will go through and take such episode names and add the episode title to it, too. So far, other than Doctor Who, having the S0xE0x form in the name has been fine for pulling up the metadata. I use View by Filename since, with the name and metadata, that gives me what I need. (I find it frustrating that the metadata displayed does not include the episode title when View by Filename is on.) When I get that program done so it adds episode titles, I’ll add the option to include the year in the file name. (I also have some shows I ripped a long time ago where I don’t use episode numbers, but have things like, “SeriesName-S01D01T04.” As long as those are sorted in order, my program would easily be able to use that sequence to match file and episode number.)

With all that logic, that’s also why I use my own naming convention for specials. I have a lot of British shows on my server (all ripped from legal DVDs or BDs), and many of them have specials. My filename convention makes it easy for me to be sure I’m seeing the special episodes in order.

I’ll have to check the version on that particular AppleTV when I’m downstairs. (Back issues - some days stairs are a pain!)

It’s odd this just showed up like this and isn’t an ongoing issue.

(I still have that other ongoing issue I’ve discussed elsewhere - the amazingly long delays in stepping through folders and taking, literally, 5 minutes, to get to the episode I want to see! But that’s another thread.)

Are they visible if you scroll up or down?

What is the ‘Sort By’ option in Settings set to?

Sort by is set to sort by file name.

I tried to check on that AppleTV today and all the episodes were back in place. I don’t know what happened in the first place. I do know that since I had the problem, the media server had been rebooted.

That makes me wonder if this issue is part of a larger problem, like Infuse taking, literally, sometimes 5 minutes for me to step through directories for me to get to what I want to see. I can step through, from top level, to my “Comedies” directory and start shuffle playing a TV series in about 30 seconds on VLC, but sometimes it takes 5 minutes on Infuse. (We’ve discussed this before.) So if rebooting the server fixed this issue, it makes me wonder if Infuse is not just simply reading directories, but caching them or doing something else. I know it’s possible something else could have fixed this issue, but it just looks like it might be tied in with the other issue.

Does Infuse just simply read directories on a Samba server? Or is it using caching and dealing with metadata and other things at the same time?