Video files stutters on Apple TV 4

Hi, Infuse Team!

I have a very nasty bug to report. Since I upgraded my Apple TV 4 to the newest tvOS and Infuse (13.0(17J586) and 6.1.8(2774) correspondingly) my video-files started to stutter unpredictably. Video loads whole heck of a time then buffers normally (at least seems as so), then starts to play for a 5-10 second and starts to stutter (also changes speed of a playback visually). It even can stop completely with a sound playing normally, then stop sound, show me progress bar with a waiting icon and keep try to playing from the previous part of the movie.
There is no differences what format video is, I saw it on H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10/720p/AAC 2.0 or 1080p/DD5.1. All of this files were completely fine for playing with a previous tvOS 12. Also there is no problems with a playback of this files on Apple TV 4K that I also own in my apartment. Both of them plays files from the same NAS.
I can capture all of this situation if needed, also I can send you anything needed for this bug to be investigated.

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

Can you try replicating this issue, and send in a quick report from your device immediately after? This will allow us to see what may be going on here.

More info on sending in reports from the Apple TV can be found here.

I’m having the same issue on my Apple TV 4. I just submitted a report right now, which it says to include this code: GSHF7

Hope I’m doing this right. Thanks!

Done, VP74V

Another report on the same issue, might be helpful, there were even more stutter: 8SP5V
And there video even stopped two times in a row for a good 10 seconds: CQSRW