Video files deleted from iOS Files app still taking up storage space

I’m running Infuse Pro 6.2.2 (2815) on iOS 13.2.2 (on a 3rd gen 12.9’’ iPad Pro). I recently deleted a whole bunch of video files from the iOS Files app (from On My iPad → Infuse). However, although the corresponding TV shows and movies no longer show up in Infuse, the storage space taken up by Infuse did not decrease at all. In fact, now I have an absolutely empty library taking up a 150GB and I have no choice but to delete and reinstall the Infuse app. Please look into this issue, thank you.

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Can you check the ‘Recently Deleted’ section of the Files app?

If the videos are listed there, you can select and delete them permanently.

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Sorry, I didn’t realize there’s a 30 day grace period for files deleted in the Files app. Yeah, that should work.

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