Video buffering every few minutes…


I’m new to Infuse 7 pro and I m facing the following issue : when trying to play 1080p videos on my iPad ios 15.1 through a wireless connection to my nas, every few minutes the video starts buffering… The buffering lasts for nearly a minute or two, which makes the movie unwatchable. That’s very annoying, because the 1080p resolution is definitely more desirable than anything less, and I don’t face the same problem when watching wirelessly from another device such as a computer for example.

I’ve tried both auto and legacy cache, nothing changed.

Any help?

What do you get when you do a speed test through infuse share settings? How are you connected to your NAS? Smb, nfs, etc. what version of infuse? 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz WiFi?

Is your NAS connected to Ethernet? If both devices are on wifi your experience is going to suck.

It’s the latest infuse -7.
I’m connected through smb, the nas is connected through ethernet cable. 2,4ghz!
As for the test…

The nas is connected through ethernet cable!

Well it could be 7.1 or 7.2…

Anyways those are some of the worst speeds I’ve ever seen so it makes sense you are having problems. Try changing your router or Ethernet cables connected to your router. Sometimes a router/NAS reboot/player reboot can help. Test it while being right next to the router as well.


Hmmm… Could the speeds be because I’m using an extender? Sometimes I’m really far from the router so I have to use one…
However I don’t face problems when streaming videos…

Will try all that and get back to you.

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If your extender doesn’t connect via Ethernet then yes. If you’re running over 2.4ghz then that is also a problem.

An extender gives you half the bandwidth you’d normally have. If you want to have a good streaming experience you’ll need to be on 5Ghz.