Video and audio formats on Apple TV 4K 2021

Hello everyone.

I’m interested in the new Apple TV 4K and infuse and need some information.

Do the box and the application support HDR10+? single and double layer Dolby Vision? The AV1? The VP9-2?

And for audio is it possible to have HD audio? Dolby True HD? DTS-X? DTS HD MA? Dolby Digital+?Dolby True HD Atmos? Flac ? 24 bits 192 kHz ? I have read conflicting sources, some say there is no HD audio because it is only in LPCM and it is not as good and others say everything is available but in LPCM and that it is of as good quality as normal formats because it is compressionless and lossless.

Thanks a lot for your answers.

See the bottom of the website for list of supported formats. No HDR10+ Only Dolby vision single layer profile 5. LPCM supports lossless HD audio without Atmos. Atmos supported only in Dolby digital+

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At launch, the playback capabilities of ATV4K and ATV4K (2nd gen) are more or less the same.

It’s possible the 2nd gen units gain additional features in the future. What these are and when they’ll be available only Apple knows.


Single-layer Dolby Vision so that’s of little interest to Infuse, I think?

No Atmos TrueHD nor DTS-X is that it? Dolby TrueHD converted to LPCM is the same as Dolby True HD passtrough, we agree?

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I saw that the new Apple TV 4K was able to do Youtube 4K HDR. So that means it supports both hardware and software VP9-2, can you confirm? On Infuse too?

I think it is only software vp9 support. It was only just added and Apple TV uses older processor anyways.

Just FYI, the Zidoo and Dune media player don’t support profile 7 playback like UHD BD players do. Instead of “correct” playback of BL + EL + RPU they only use the BL + RPU. Apparently this is even been done outside of the Dolby SDK.
It would be great if you can explore this possibility as well.

Some people say they can play VP9, ​​VP9-2 and AV1 on Infuse with Apple TV 4K.

So it must support these formats now

Software decoding yes, hardware no.