Video and audio are not in sync

I noticed on my father’s ATV and on my ATV (diff. location / movies), that about 1 hour into the movie, video and audio are starting to divert out of sync (approx. 1 sec.). Has anything been done to the playback engine concerning BD-playback?

I too have noticed this.
I also use Netflix app and prime video app. They too are now out of sync after video running for awhile.
To me, this means the issue is with Apple TV. Guess my waiting for a fix from infuse is not going to help.
If a video goes out of sync after playing correctly at the start means it’s not my settings as I don’t see any option to correct this.

You may want to post the version of the atvOS so we can keep an eye out for changes.

I use the atv4k running their Os14.4

I too have noticed lipsync issues after upgrading tvOS to 14.4 and not only in infuse, but also other streaming apps. Guess it’s an issue with tvOS.

I am using the very latest tvOS version as well.

It’s best if you post the number version since some are running a public beta of the tvOS also.

I have a jbl 9.1 soundbar. Resetting my soundbar fixed my lip sync issues.

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