Very unstable pictures during playback of some of the videos

It seems that Infuse does not like:

  1. Scorpions - Moments of Glory - lossless BR copy
  2. Phil Collins - Live at Montreaux - lossless BR copy
  3. Sting - Live in Berlin - lossless BR copy
    Sound played perfect DTS-MA HD
    Picture really poor quality, loosing frames, pixeling, frequently freezing. Unable to watch the videos!
    No matter the format I rip the BRs mkv or m2ts these 3 BRs are being disliked by INFUSE on AppleTV, on iPad no problems.
    PLEX plays them perfectly also no matter of format and set to playback original quality.

Sorry for the trouble.

Chances are these are interlaced videos, which unfortunately won’t be able to take advantage of the Apple TV’s native hardware decoding. The upcoming Apple TV 4K packs a bit more punch, and should support a wider variety of 1080 interlaced content.

But it does play perfectly on PLEX, so how come?

:frowning: KODI also plays them smooth.

Plex plays them because they’re being transcoded on your server.

Kodi on the Apple TV or another device?

On AppleTV and Plex on AppleTV.

You might try disabling the Deinterlacing option found in the Video section of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

Otherwise, it’s probably best to drop us a note from your device and we can assist further.