Very slow transfers from SMB share to Infuse

Very slow transfers from an SMB share to Infuse on the iPad. 4GB file takes upwards of 15 minutes to transfer. I don’t see such bad speeds in other things I use the iPad for. Much faster going through the web app to transfer to the device, but it’s also more cumbersome IMO. Curious if there was any tips to speed it up a bit.

Have you tried the different SMB options? In 5.6.11 there are several different options including a “Legacy” setting.

I have the same issue, whichever SMB version I set the download speed is very low, about 6MB/s

Using PLEX download option I make 50-58MB/s, that’s a real big difference almost 10x that of SMB, what gives?
I get good transfer speeds on my laptop, from the same source…

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