Very slow to load a folder of Movies

I have Infuse setup to load from a Plex DLNA server. It has about 1000 movies. I have added this as a ‘Favourite’ in Infuse and it appears on the home screen in the App and in the Library.

I let all the metadata fetching, thumbnails etc finish and then tried to navigate the application. Going into the favourite from the home screen takes ~40 seconds. Going into movies in the Library is faster but still takes ~20 seconds.

This is too long for a responsive UI. When trying to convince my wife to us Infuse over the Plex client, she understandably always goes back to Plex as it loads the folders so much faster.

It appears that Infuse is waiting to show the folder until all items have loaded including the cover art. Plex on the other hand shows the folder immediately and then loads the cover art. The total time taken may be the same (haven’t timed it) but Plex appears much more responsive as the folder opens so much faster.

Any hints or tips to get things loading faster? At present the delay is too long to convince my wife and kids to use Infuse. I want it for the ability to play back anything without transcoding but everyone else in my household don’t care about that if it takes a minute before they can even start browsing films to watch.



Totally agree. The loading times for folders are way to long for connection via SMB protocol as well. I get about 40 seconds too.

This is a big disadvantage for the overtall impression of the UI. While not ruining the experience, it makes the app seem a bit amateurish. On a couple of occations I’ve demonstrated Infuse for family members and the loading time has felt like an embarrassing little eternity.

A fix should be of high priority now.

Try using NFS as the network share protocol if your server permits. It works much better. Looks like version 5.6.1 improved meta data fetching speeds from internet.

For large libraries it’s best to use the Library option for browsing.

This will be much, much faster and provide a number of other great features as well.

I do not doubt that library option may work well for some users. But in relation to my content and how I want to have my videos organized library option is not a serious alternative. I would rather go as far as to say that it is completely useless for my collection. I guess there are many in the same situation.

Does this mean that we can not expect any improvements in this area? I think some earlier versions of Infuse (before library mode was added) were faster, although I can not prove it.

When browsing via folders Infuse is effectively scanning the entire thing each time to see if anything new has been added. The more items you have, the longer it will take.

If using the Library doesn’t suit your fancy, you might consider reducing the number of items you have in each folder, as this should speed things up.

Thanks for the suggestion.

As a last try I tested NFS vs. SMB. WOW! NSF loads the big folders up to ten times faster than my old SMB. Now Infuse is super fast. Huge improvement! No need for any faster than this. Made my day :slight_smile:

Yes, its fast, especially if you have a “real” server.

I’ll have a look at trying NFS rather than DLNA.

The issues with the library are:

  • It still takes about 20 seconds to load.
  • There is no separation of films for my Kids and films for myself and my wife. I don’t really want to see ‘The Exorcist’ appearing when my kids are browsing for a film to watch! With my Plex library I have a ‘Kids Film’ section and a ‘Parents Films’ section and my kids know they go to the appropriate one. I could replicate this with folders in Infuse, but not in the library.

DNLA and Plex (in its library format) are servers that scan for changes of folders (in background) and sends the listing to clients (phones/PCs/etc) when they access it. NFS and SMB read the folder every access. Completely different

I’ve done a quick test of NFS from my iPhone (will try the AppleTV later when I get home) and even over a VPN it was performing much better than DLNA.

As my movies are spread over multiple drives I have lots of favourites in the files view, so the Library that combines them is a better option. It still leaves me having 18 certificate films next to the kids films, which isn’t ideal.

I’ll try looking into the parental controls on the AppleTV version later and see if that is workable.

Trying NFS from the AppleTV app is a lot faster to access the folders etc. It’s much more useable now.

I think this whole episode highlights two areas where Infuse could be improved to better suit people like myself:

  • Let me have the option to only show the library and hide the files / folders. Or at least make the library show first on the home screen.
  • Allow for more than one library. I can then have a library of films and TV shows for my kids and another for myself and my wife. This separation would address the issue of films like 'The Exorcist' appearing in the same library as 'Toy Story'.

In general, I really like Infuse (and am happy to have paid for it) but it just needs to be made more family friendly in the implementation of libraries before I can get my family to use it. This is especially true for the Apple TV version where the whole family share the same install of the software.

There are actually quite a few customizations you can do in the current version (hiding folder based favorites, creating custom favorites from Library filters, etc…) and a bit more info on these can be found here. Setting Up Your Library – Firecore Support

Thanks for the link. I’ll give those settings a go and see if I can keep my kids away from watching ‘Reservoir Dogs’ by accident :slight_smile:

Sounds good!

The nice thing about this is you can create a favorite from just about anything. For example, you can create one that just shows rated G movies, name it Kids, and add a nice bright icon which makes it easy for them to find.

The options in Infuse work fine for creating categories based on ratings, but it’s only as good as the metadata on the movies. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m in the UK, but only two films in my collection are rated G. Quite a few more are rated U (for universal) but even then some films have strange ratings (‘The 39 Steps’ is a U rating apparently!).

Without a way of editing the metadata or adding my own tags, I can’t create a favourite that actually just contains all the kids movies.

Also ratings are missing from TV shows, so I have ‘Game of Thrones’ in the same favourite as ‘Peppa Pig’.

I’m so close to being able to do what I want and separate up the kids and parents content, but I can’t quite get it to work. :frowning:

But my friend plex app does the same and it take not much time to start.

So what different Infuse does which plex app doesn’t doo.

We have to use infuse to get high end audio so that why we use infuse on apple tv

U need to fix this as each time we start it takes really a long time to bring the stuff