Very Slow loading of Video information after go into the folder


Not sure did anyone encounter this problem? I have a folder call “Movies” which contain thousand of movies and whenever I click on the “Movies” folder, infuse will just show spinning circle trying to load and it really take very long. Even long enough till my iPad screen go to sleep and I wake it up and it still continue to load. And I think it take roughly more then 5 to 10 minutes just to load the folder.

I know a quick work around is just reduce the movies in each folder. But that will give me headache search every different folder for different movies.

Please advice. Thank you very much.

Hi, I’m having exact same problem - my main drive for videos is a folder called movies, but with sub-directories… Action, Drama etc… and yes it will take Infuse 4.3 Pro extremely long to load - even subdirectories that only contains two or three files. Don’t understand it should be that difficult… Plex does it in seconds. But Plex can’t play half my movies for some reason, whereas Infuse plays anything - don’t think I’ve had one single file it wouldn’t play.4

Surely there must be an answer to this. Should mention that I run the files through the plex media player…

Oops… just solved my own problem… running direct to the PC that has the shares instead of running through the Plex Server - now folders open in seconds. Movies takes a little bit of time to start but that’s buffering I guess.