Very slow Infuse 7 in appletv 4

Now after so long without using Infuse 7 and since this month I expired the siscription, I wanted to see if it works well before I renew.

Well, after a week of use every day I see a lot of lettude.

  • To mark as slow.

  • In pause or back with a slow pulsation.

  • In reproduction, he makes parons and sometimes reproduces at a faster rate for a few seconds.

  • Something just happened right now, it happens to me very often, pulse was back but it doesn’t listen, the order comes, I see the led of Appletv 4 blinking.

But it doesn’t go back, it doesn’t pause either, and it doesn’t move forward.

I have to push back - back, from the remote Syrian to get out of the movie but I need several pulsations.

All this does not happen to me with infuse 6Pro or the previous ones.

I see it’s still not fluid.

I’d like to know if this was solved with Infuse 8, because this happens since we passed from 6 to 7, so I made myself award in Plex even though I don’t like it working.

I want to renew my subscription but I’d like to know if it’s going to improve fluency as in version 6

I have a very large library 15K movies 35K series.

I don’t speak from the iphone is unthinkable to use it to watch a fresh-added movie needs to scan the whole library for a long time and it’s too slow.

Appletv 4 about 15min. to watch that movie in Library.

Since Infuse handles all the indexing tasks on the device, the speed at which indexing can happen will depend on how powerful the device is.

The Apple TV 4 (released nearly 7 years ago in late 2015) is getting pretty long in the tooth, so it may take a bit longer for Infuse to index a library of that size. The newer Apple TV 4K models are much more powerful and would likely be faster. The ATV4K also includes Gigabit ethernet for improved networking speed which can help with indexing times as well.


And why this doesn’t happen in Infuse 6 and it works very fluid!

And why is it happening on my iphone 13Pro Max too?

That’s what you told me when I got out I infused 7 and I had a 7 Plus iphone.

For a year now I’ve had an iphone 13Pro Max and fluency and slow is the same as before.

I don’t demand anything.

I just want it to work fluid like before, that’s all.

Infuse is my favorite player I’ve always advised in the groups but from version 7 I can’t tell anymore I can’t lie to those who trust me.

By the way a 10/100 connection does not affect the performance of films scanning as many files and does not approve the gigabite connection even 10/100.

The test is that the same library is faster in infuse 5, 6 even in 4 I have the pro versions of all because it was never “for life.”

I know I already commented on it when I went out I infused 7 with that black screen at the beginning and over 1min to start.

That is solved but fluency remained as slow, if it has not been achieved to improve in a year the solution is in version 8 can use the system of version 6 would be a luxury!

The biggest difference between v6 and v7 is the addition of the unified Home Screen.

This means you can have many different lists on a single page, and before these were separated between content type (Movies, TV Shows, etc…).

If you are seeing slowness in this area, you may try reducing the number of lists present on the Home Screen, as this may help speed things up with larger libraries.

Also, if you are using a media server like Emby or Jellyfin check to ensure you have the latest version of the InfuseSync plugin installed, as this will make a dramatic difference with regard to how quickly library updates are done.

What´s the latest version of InfuseSync plugin on Emby?

As of today, the latest version is 1.4.2.

This can be installed/updated in the Plugin section of the Emby/Jellyfin server.

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I use Plex and Jellyfin but Infuse implemented it wrong from the beginning.

Because Jellyfin and Plex are servers, they’ve already scanned the library.

Infuse should be a client in this case, but it’s not like that, it’s re-indexed the whole library.

I used it when I implemerged I infused the option and removed it because to scan my library you need infused a week and the plex option scanned it again

If I add a plex film I have it instantly on the plex client.

Infuse should do the same work.

It would be right and a way to continue with infuse because it does not do what it did before and that fluency of the previous versions is a pity.

I prefer fluency and the start screen I see it anyway I don’t use anything below the Library row.

I have all the Pro versions Infuse minus 7 because I use subscription.

I haven’t used Infuse for a long time. I just want it to be fluid again like before.

I don’t speak of the iphone because it’s impossible to use.

If I add a movie to my library at the appletv, I’ll let it cook dinner and it shows up.

But on the iphone I have to wait for it to turn off and index it takes about 15 minutes just for a movie.

Dsvideo, Jellyfin, Plex appears in seconds!

I just insist on something that already worked in version 6 something happened at 7.

I had both installed and there was a very much difference in fluidity but the two versions together led to delete the database and re-index and as I already had the infuse 7 version for a year I gave him an opportunity but it hasn’t improved.

I hope I get better at 8, my subscription is a year old so that version 8 will be about, I don’t know what to do yet.

It’s clear that you can’t use it.