Very Slow Google Drive Directory Opening?

I have a lot of backups on google drive, most of which aren’t TV/Movies that would have fetch-able meta-data. The total is around 14,000 videos split into 81 directories. Every time I open up the root directory on infuse it takes sometimes several minutes just to show the directories. I was curious if there is a way to speed this up? I’ve already disabled metadata fetching and embedded metadata and download subtitles. I’m just confused since I would only expect this to take so long if I had a whole bunch of files in one directory, but just opening up the drive root directory- which only has other folders in it- is what takes so long. My other google drive shares (for TV/Movies, fetch-able things) opens quickly just fine.

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, I looked around these forums and tried to follow the meta-data guides to speed things up on my own but right now it’s way faster for me to just open the drive app and watch videos that way :grimacing:

Infuse work to gather metadata for videos when browsing via folders, and if you have a high number of files/folders this can slow things down.

Can you try browsing this Google Drive share via the Settings > Add Files menu? This will be a bare bones browsing option with no metadata, and will likely be faster.

That works- the folders pop up in 3 seconds rather than 3 minutes, but that’s not really solving the issue. I already added all the files, it’s browsing in my files tab that’s slow. I’d rather not have to star each sub folder to add it since I’m constantly making new sub folders. Or is that the only real solution right now?


Another option would be to use Infuse’s library feature for browsing.

This will generally be faster, as it won’t need to read the Google Drive share to browse.

my apple tv have same problem, but can’t use this solution, how to do that

I ended up just adding each sub folder as a favorite. It works but is pretty monotonous.