Very slow getting meta data


I have shared a new main folder with 500 tv shows (11000 episodes). Only in the evening I’m using my apple tv 4k with the beamer for 3-4 hours. But in this time I’m watching movies or tv shows with infuse itself or with the tvapp. Now I have the feeling, that during the time I’m watching movies (with infuse) Infuse don’t scanning meta data. Only if I’m doing nothing infuse is scanning/searching meta data. So every evening infuse only scanning less than 100 episodes. So in 110 days the progress is over.

Bujt this can’t be. Why does infuse nothing scanning during I’m watching a movie with infuse? And why can’t I save the meta data local so I can use it for the apple tv and ipad? Why has to do the scanning job the ipad and the apple tv.

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You are correct that Infuse only scans for metadata when you are not playing anything.

I guess it does this because it is simpler and also ensures that it is not using cpu resources which may be needed for smooth playback, whatever the reason, it’s the way it is.

What I do is change to ATV sleep after setting to the full 10 hours and leave it overnight with Infuse running to complete the initial scan. Then change it back to something more sensible once it has done the initial scan.

There is work currently marked as in progress which related to syncing more of the metadata via iCloud, so hopefully it might appear in the release after 5.9.

WOW… have you seen them all?

Just leave the AppleTV on overnight. You’ll wake up the next day with all your content. It’s not ideal, but the AppleTV is not exactly an energy hog, so just do that.

Throw your support behind background indexing, which is desperately needed for iOS and tvOS: tvOS 11: Library updates in the background