VERY slow file transfer via FTP or SFTP

I’m using a 1TB drive for external storage on ATV and everything worked well initially. Using Cyberduck on my iMac with a wired network connection to the ATV, a typical 364MB TV show would transfer in approximately one minute. Lately, the same size file shows an estimate of over twenty-four hours and eventually just fails at 128K. I’ve tried using Filezilla to no avail and have even restored the ATV to original and reinstalled ATV Flash, yet the timed-out transfers persist. Plugging the USB drive directly into the iMac results in very fast transfers and everything transferred plays properly once the drive is reconnected to the ATV.

Has anybody got any other ideas to get to the root of this? Thanks in advance!

I have exactly the same problem. I guesss that it started after update to aTV Flash 4.1.5.

Are you connecting via FTP or SFTP? FTP will provide transfer speeds that are 10-20 times faster.

 Having same problem.  Transferring via FTP using filezilla.  Was working fine  till about 3 weeks ago.  Now I can't keep connection alive.  At times, there will be spurts where data transfers fine, but that doesn't last long at all.  Everything is updated to the latest and greatest.  

Are you connected via wired connection or wifi. A wired connection will always provide the fastest and most consistent transfers.

Same problema here :-(


Any news?