Very loud audio after unpause

For the last week or so, I’ve noticed that any video content during playback in Infuse 7.3.1 (3956) that I pause and then unpause (anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes paused) will blast the volume extremely loudly for a couple of seconds before going back to the appropriate level. It’s been very jarring and my workaround for the time being has been to immediately tap the rewind button as soon as I unpause to send the video back 10 seconds, which does not cause the volume level to jump.

I am running infuse on an Apple TV 4K (first gen) on tvOS 15.2. Apple TV is connected to a Harman Enchant 1300 bar, in turn connected to a Sony LCD tv. When the volume jumps, there is no indication on the soundbar itself that any signal/level has changed and there are no other apps I have running that exhibit this behavior (for example, FileExplorer Pro does not do this when playing/unpausing the exact same videos).

Is there any setting in the app itself that would cause this issue? Or any code change in the latest app version?

Thanks in advance

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Nothing in Infuse that I know of has changed that would cause this problem.

It sounds more like there’s an auto level in the sound system that may be seeing the low/no volume when paused and trying to up the volume to compensate then getting the resume it’s still turned up and takes a second to respond.

What sound mode do you have set for your ATV on the sound bar? Also maybe something in the TV may be trying to compensate too.

Thanks for your reply - I just went through it and whether the Apple TV’s or soundbar’s compression was enabled bears no impact on the unpause loudness, however I did notice that the soundbar in fact displayed “PCM” for the brief moments that the audio was very loud, then reverted to “Dolby Digital”. I went back through the Apple TV’s own settings and found that I had the audio format set to force Dolby Digital. I changed it to auto and unpausing Infuse no longer causes temporary loudness.

I suspect it’s more than coincidental that Infuse is the only app that had this audio issue but at least for now it seems the new settings mitigate it.

Thanks again for your advice.

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