VERY dark video!

Since the latest update, the video on all my files is really dark. At first I thought it was a problem with a single video, but happens on all of them. They are way too much darker if you compare them to the same videos playing in other video apps, apple’s stock app or when they play on the PC.

Don’t you have beta testers?

Has there been an update to ATV black lately? If there was, I don’t think it would effect videos. Try rebooting the ATV, that fixed it when I I re-installed XBMC and it was dark.

My bad, it seems I posted it on the wrong section, but by my issue’s description it should be obvious it’s about Infuse for iOS. You are dense and a smart ass, so I do feel sorry for you.

Nevermind. Moving this issue to its right place or opening a new thread will result in zero support, so I’ll just switch player.

Actually, I think I am usually very helpful when replying. Your first post left a lot to question and I was just asking what app you were referring to. I did change my answer once I realized you were referring to ATV flash and you just caught my unrevised answer. Nowhere in your original question did you mention Infuse.

You are the one who posted in the wrong forum so what kind of answer do you expect… you either need to ask better questions, post in the correct forum or stop being so rude.