Vertical Picture Shifting

Dear Infuse Team,

i am Firecore User since over 7 years now. Infuse Pro for ATV is best Media Center so far. I only want to have one little feature: My setup contains a 16:9 projection screen. To view and mask 21:9 Movies i like to shift the picture at the bottom of the screen. Wolud it be possible to implement this in next Infuse release? MrMc contains this feature, but i want to use infuse inspite of the quality!

Keep on the awesome work!

Many thanks so far and BR



this suggestion is very welcome! Please make some shift possible for projection screens and scope-movies:-)

Thanks and kind regards!

Vertical Shift is a very helpful thing when you use a projection system.
Especially for the sub titles it would be great help.
Together with a memory funktion for different picture positions would be a real benefit.



Hi Infuse Team,

may i politely ask if there are plans for such an option or any other news on this?

Many thanks & BR

Hi Infuse Team,

any news on this? Or is it to heavy for implementing?

Many thanks + BR


oh, yes… any news about possibility to implement vertical shift would be awesome!!

This feature will be available in the upcoming 5.8.5 version. #staytuned

Great news.
Do you think you can implement custom user banks for the video section?
Would make it easier to handle the shifting.

Hi James,

many thanks for implementing vertical shift!!! Can you please ad an other Anamorph modus for 17:9 Panels? I think this should be between 2.30 and 2.35:1.

2.32:1 for 17:9 Panels (4096x2160) would be amazing!!!

Thanks & BR

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