Versions Issue and improvement

I got a bug recently while watching a show available on multiple Plex servers I have access to. At the version selection screen, I got this :

(Sorry, didn’t manage to include the image, I got an error on every upload)
I think it is related to how slow Infuse currently is at syncing with multiple servers with lots of content, but not sure… any idea ?
I got this multiple times.
I know for sure that one time it happened while one of the servers was unavailable, I don’t know if it is related.

Regarding this same Version selection screen :
It would be awesome if we could choose what information appears here, or at least if it could be expanded.
Currently, for instance, bitrate alone isn’t meaningful : a lower bitrate in h265 could be better quality than a higher bitrate h264.
Some files may have different audio and subtitle languages, etc…
Having some meaningful metadata available here would really help in version selection.

(I don’t really know the right section to post this in… feel free to move it where it belongs if I didn’t choose correctly)

How much is a lot of content?

(Pretty sure Infuse was written before users started subscribing to servers with many 100,000’s of thousands of not-terribly-well-curated files.)

We’re talking about around 200K TV episodes, 5K movies, with multiple versions sometimes (the not-terribly-well-curated part :sweat_smile:).
But I’m not complaining about the performance here, I get that it will be addressed soon with direct mode.
The buggy part where the version selection doesn’t display anything, and the global improvement of this selection screen is my concern.
How can I help to diagnose this ?