version control install

How can i see what version i have been loading in AppleTV from the aTV Flash, where can i see it?
Its a good thing that i can control the right version i install.

In the install program itself, select ‘About ATVFlash’ from the ‘ATVFlash’ menu. This will show you the version you have.

Yes i know that, but to control what is install on my AppleTV. There is not a document or info to look the version?
I meen visible on the menu e.g About or aTVFlash?
If it is not posible then its oke for me, but i thought that makes it easy to control if the version is install correctly?
I see on my FTP program on AppleTV documents that tell me its version 311, are they old documents or is it not delete?
I have install version 3.2

Yes sorry. 3.1.1 was the beta development version which is the same as 3.2. Must have overlooked updating the version there.

You have the current 3.2 version installed. We’ll get that fixed in the next release.