Version 4 vs Version 5

Yesterday I heard that the new Version 5 of Infuse for iOS is separately sold from the current version 4.x. I totally understand that you developers (as I’m also one) deserve this money for the hard work, but customer loyality also means to offer something for existing customers that already bought the 4.x app. Compared to other media playing apps with same capabilities (meta data feature is nice, but there’s a lack of playing music), Infuse is nearly the most expensive one.

I really see no point to buy the new version as I bought the previous one at this year, I feel some kind of mocked now to again have to pay even more (12,99€ instead of 9,99€) to get this newer version and probably loose all the support and future updates (as no one would implement new stuff into old software) for the old version 4.

Is there any chance for guys like me who already paid for the 4, maybe a special offer to get the latest version? And will this sales policy be kept for alle the upcoming versions that will come? It looks like the same weird strategy as jetbrains does with resharper customers :frowning:

Cheers, Michael

Firecore doesn’t give a rat’s ass about its Pro fan base. It’s been 20+ days and you didn’t get a response.

Also, paying for a new iteration each time won’t cut it. Look at the big paid apps on the App Store, do you see them charging each new iteration? NOPE. They don’t.

Personally. I’m sticking to Infuse 4 Pro and Firecore can eat up the negative reviews on the App Store.

I think the big paid apps are bigger companies with a larger user base, so not a fair comparison.

When you develop a piece of Apple product specific software and distribute through the Apple App Store it levels the playing field. If a company regardless of size places it’s product on that distribution path then they are all equal. Additionally, when you choose to leave the realm of the “Free” or “99 cent” range and go to the $10+ area you need to have your big boy panties on.

So you’re willing to shell out bucks each time there’s a new Pro version out? If so, then you seriously are a sheep.

@NC Bullseye, you nailed it.

Lol, how rude.

Did someone force you to buy version 5?

I will pay for the new version of pro if I feel the new features are worth it. Also the in-app purchase is an annual fee to get you the latest version, which is what I have.

You just said it. You prefer to suck it in and pay ‘‘an annual fee’’, while other companies don’t charge fees for every new version. Enough said. :slight_smile:

You mean like Plex, wait no they change an annual fee. You do realise these are businesses, why exactly should they give you free updates.

As I said before no one is forcing you to upgrade, so what is the complaint?

Beside not honouring their Pro users, who already paid the “full” price for version 4, they drop their support of that version as well; you cannot blame apple for that!

For example, why shouldn’t version 4 get the Search option or the On-Dock view; which is a simple addition that does not really justify/require a Version upgrade!
In addition, what are the big jump from version 4 to 5 that justifies a version increase (except for asking for a higher price)?