Version 4 Pro vanishes and 5 takes its slot

Greetings Hive, this one perplexes me so I am reaching out for assistance.

Previously I was able to watch movies and tv regularly without issues since the Apple TV 4 came out via Infuse 4 Pro that I had previously purchased.

Tonight it barked it needed a sub to play my media type. After some sleuthing I noticed it said v5 under the settings menus. That may explain why it wouldn’t let me restore my purchase of pro.

Where did my version 4 pro go? 5 is in the same exact spot in my dock. All settings are defaults now and progress wiped.

It’s easy enough to reinstall 4 pro so not critical, but any clue how that happened?

Edit: spelling

It would’t be possible for the App Store to install one app and remove another (v4 and v5 are entirely separate apps) so it’s likely you installed v5 at some point (perhaps one of the betas?).

If you wish to re-download v4, this can be found in the Purchases section of the App Store.