Version 4.3.1 buggy - how can I downgrade ATV Flash to 4.2.1?

I want to downgrade to 4.2.1 because version 4.3.1 is so buggy that it renders my Apple TV completely useless. I have 2 x 1st gen. ATVs and this applies to both. The 4.2.1 installer won’t let me create a new USB installer because its not the latest version. How can I do this then?

You CAN’T!

Reminds me of Apple.  Controlling their software, for the company gain not the end user. Funny that fireCore’s whole business is built navigating around the Apple TV software (for their gain) and now that I want to do that with aTV -that I’ve paid for-?  I can’t!

Oh the irony that you can’t use software that you bought previously from fireCore on your AppleTV. As fireCore locks us out.

I’m in a similar boat in that I reformated the HD of my 1st Gen Apple TV adn want to intall the version that I paid for but CANT because my license has expired?  FUnny I thought I had purchased software they tell me I was just renting it…

Nice.  I paid 49.95  years ago for vapor ware.  Where is it?  I can’t use it?  They will sell me something now for 29.99  SO I can use aTV…  But didn’t I do that years ago?


I’m in a similiar situation: I can’t retrieve what I paid for!!!

My 1st generation ATV system became corrupted, I had to restore it to the original, I thought I had bought the ATV Flash software so I was trying to reinstall it, but it will not let me create an USB installer it because the licence is expired!

I don’n want to have anything to do anymore with firecore! You have lost a client!

Hello, just to let you know; I’m the same situation.

I would like to format the ATV to clean it up and reinstall from scratch the Firecore sofware I paid for but I CAN’T!

Seems a quite “unusual” politic; for what seems to be a technical limit (conficts between auto updates and old licenses) the company actually leaves customer in a “cul de sac”!!!