Version 1.3 kills all my danish metadata ?

So I moved my files around on the network share, refreshed all folder metadata, and now perhaps 80% of the metadata is correct,

where as in version 1.2. 95% of the metadata was correct, not to worry I think, just reload the metadata an select the correct one,

the only thing is, that the list of metadata found for the file can not be associcated with it. I would really hate to have to manualy reload all that data again.

Any suggestions ???

If you relocate a specific file, Media Player will recognize that as a new file and need to refetch metadata for it.

However, if you’re able to post a few of the filenames that are being fetched incorrectly it may help us track down the cause.

Hey James here are some of til file names that wont fetch the correct metadata:

The Movie

Error: Wont get the correct metadata

filenames: or 4-3-2-1.m4v or 4 3 2 1.m4v

The Movie Transformers 3

Error: gets the metadata in russian or something, im danish :wink:

filename Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon.avi

The Movie Alle for en

Error: wont find any correct metadata

filename Alle for en.m4v or Alle for én.m4v

Let me know if you need more examples.


Regards :wink:

Hmm one step forward and two back, I went and uploaded 20 new movies to my NAS, and some of the metadata is ofcause incorrect, so I wanted to reload the metadata and select the correct one, but heres where the new error occures.

I have for example the file The American.iso this gets set as American Beauty, so I reload and select The American, but it wont be set, it returns to being american beauty.

This is just an example, alot of the new movies I uploaded, wont get the correct meta, and i cant reload, ones its loaded, I cant reset the meta on the files.

Any help here ?

Hmm, maybe becuase you only have read access for your account on the NAS ?

Neo: I have the exact same problem with danish meta data loading in the wrong way, and I can’t redownload it either… 

@superc the ATV has full access.
@LasseT is it all your danish titles? Or just some of them?

I got the same problem Neo, my movie “Alle for en” can’t get the correct metadata. It thinks its the movie called The Hangover. And I can’t find it on the manuel list of choices.

And now, today I got a other problem, I cleared the metadata list of all my movies in hope that Alle for en would come back. But now it can’t find any of my movies? So I have to go into one of each of my movies and click the relog metadata, go get it to work.

Hope there will come a quick update soon that fix it all.