Verify Jailbreak After Firmware Downgrade

Just bought an Apple TV2 and downgraded to 4.4.3 with Season Pass, iFaith, etc.  When I try to install 

aTV it states I am not jailbroken.  Is this correct, can you downgrade the firmware if you aren’t?

Can you log into your ATV via Putty, WinSCH or whatever program you use? If you can it is jailbroken if not it’s not.

Try it…User=root


With putty my connection request is rejected. I was able to downgrade the firmware with snowbreeze and seasonpass, but apparently that isn’t the same as being jailbroken. It was so much easier to do a hackintosh than this. Think it may be worth the $40 fee from one of those guys on ebay to jailbreak it and save my sanity.