Veetle - Install DMG for Firefox

I am wanting to access Veetle on Firefox. I have VNC running and I can download the dmg that needs to be installed, but I am not sure how to install the DMG. I see it on the desktop. How do I install it though?

Thanks for any feedback…

me too… requesting support for veetle. ALSO… what will happen if i load their dmg from my ssh session. it’s just sitting there on the desktop.

(wouldn’t one think that APPLE TV would enable one to watch streams from browsers on TV???)

You work with Windows?

You need (No VLC.dmg) to transfer with VNC

  1. Download VLC.dmg
  2. Mount VLC.dmg with “TransMac”
  3. Transfer

this is an unfinished topic.. I am unsure how you install dmg files?

anyone try this. I am going to see what I can do to install veetle on my apple tv. it looks amazing on my comp. (old ppc g4 1 ghz.)

I finally got flash to work. kinda choppy. also, silverlight 4.0?


Edit!  no silverlight on my ppc g4 so , not sure....what next.