VC1 blu ray rip- Plex plays sound but no video

Hello all,

I've recently started ripping my (small) collection of blu rays since transitioning to the very impressive Plex after being frustrated by the limited Apple TV. Mostly this has gone fine- but when I tried to rip Bleak House into .TS and play the resulting file in Plex 8, the audio plays (albeit the wrong track- it sounds like an English with Audio Description track) but there's no video. Weirdly, right clicking the file and selecting open in plex opens the file, the home screen is showing and the audio is playing, but there's no picture.

I used Parallels to run AnyDVD HD to rip the disc, then EAC3to GUI to demux the episode M2TS files into VC1 and AC3 streams, then remuxed them with TSmuxer GUI.

So the resulting .ts has the right streams and is the right size, I just don't get a picture! Feeding the file into Handbrake results in numerous errors saying "no valid source found" or some such. What do you reckon? Bad rip? I've had success with other VC1 Blu rays and HD DVDs, the only difference with this one is it is 1080i60. Just in case this made a difference I also ran the stream through VC1Conv, but same problem.

I'm running this on my Quad Core 2.66 Nehalem with 3GB DDR3 memory, so it can't be because I'm underpowered, especially since the bitrate of Bleak House peaks at about 18Mbit!

Confused! Has anyone else experienced anything like this?