VC-1 playback issues (Batman Begins, Back To The Future part2 etc)

Hi all,

Loving infuse pro, but having some issues - I’ve been through the forums - looking for clarity.

Some of my catalogue I’ve got as raw MKV files now as just preference (Batman Begins, Back to the future etc) - so native rip from disc. Some are of course the dreaded VC-1 (Level3 codec) which on my Apple TV 4K, wired connection over gigabit - stutter.

I have tried (hdr is off btw)
APTV settings match rate off
memory cache in infuse pro - auto + legacy
Smb mode auto + legacy in infuse pro

What other ideas please? Really don’t want to transcode the oringinal MKV and lose quality.

And no I don’t want to source the UHD / 4K of these either - not a fan!

Thanks all!

Really appreciate any advice to iron this out @james ??

It is the weekend and a Sunday afternoon here in the US so it may be a day or two before you get an answer.

It may help to post what version number of Infuse and what version of tvOS you are running. Another thing that may help is to run a speed test in Infuse on one of the problem videos and let it complete, then post a screen cap of both the speed test and the graph.

Cheers thanks will do:

Infuse Pro 7.3 (latest on Apple TV 4K)
TV OS latest 15.5.1

Speed test over 455MB/s picture here:

This cap is at only 3.8% in so you may want to let it complete.

Letting it complete and also the screen cap of the graph may show better info and provide a more accurate evaluation

Also, the latest Infuse is 7.4.1 so you may wish to update yours.


My mistake I do infact have 7.4.1 on all Apple 4K TVs in the house.

Speed test complete - attached. I do not believe it is a speed / hardware issue - the setup has never had any issue with any content, only these VC-1 codec based files…

I know enough about vc-1 to just be dangerous. LOL

I did see this thread on another forum that may hold a few clues but I make no promises. :wink:

Thanks, useful - long and short of it then is that VC-1 often interlaced is a nightmare…

Infuse doesn’t include codecs to decode effectively?

The VC-1 decoder in Infuse is efficient enough to handle most VC-1 content on the older 4th gen Apple TV, so it’s quite strange you are seeing issues on an ATV4K.

Can you send in a report (Settings > Submit Diagnostics) after the issue appears and post the code here?

Would you be able to upload a sample of the problematic video so we can review it here?

@james that’s all done - uploaded to Dropbox and diagnostics file also many thanks….

I think the actual code has to be posted here in the forum (but I may be wrong.)

Thanks @Hitsville - from my Apple TV it only gave me a we code with specific reference - and on scanning preloaded an email with the relevant code and link to diagnostics which has been submitted - no way to copy and paste - so I imagine it’s an internal send to the infuse team from the Apple TV and the ref code links it :slight_smile:

No problem. I was just reading James post (just above your deleted post) where it mentioned typing in the code here.

I’m still learning my way around infuse so probably have it totally wrong.

Specifically this
Can you send in a report (Settings > Submit Diagnostics) after the issue appears and post the code here?

No worries @Hitsville - there is no way via the app of the Apple TV to copy and paste code - it sends it directly to infuse via the app I assume!

You can just copy it to paper and type it in here, it doesn’t have to be a digital copy. :wink:

Hi @James - any update on the clip I provided and the diagnostics? I’ve had the same issue regardless of Apple TV 4K used, with memory cache set to legacy or auto and the SMB choice via the server set to SMB1/2/3/auto