Various UX enhancements

Hello James,

Already love your app and would really like to see it become the best (in my view)!

So, a couple of suggestions:

  • integration of cloud services (Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive, and don't forget Copy!!!),
  • an "open in" feature… I really wonder why media apps usually don't have this oO, 
  • a way to tune image settings like in Vic but please NOT sliders, or at least not only, +/- buttons are much better for fine tuning - on my iPad Air I've noticed video is very often too dark and fine-tuning is really important;
  • let us click outside the "tickets" to come back to the list of movies (this is merely irritating, but very much so!)
  • let us chose the metadata language independently from the system setting; you have no idea how annoying the French titles for Game of Thrones are… or the names for locations… or characters…

These would be my priorities, but of course I could state a few more like metadata edition, or DTS, only I'm confident you're already working on these ;)

PS: FYI writing from an iPad in this box with rich-text enabled is virtually impossible.

Thanks for the great suggestions.

We've been working on a number of great things for the next version, so keep an eye on our site for updates. :)