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hello good afternoon
there are a couple of things i miss going from rapsberry and kodi to infuse
assuming that infuse is the best and most beautiful player on the market
we started
1.-chapters of multiple series, there will always be them and it is a pity that infuse does not work be able to add to the series folder a musical file with the music of the series in question, in rapstebby I had it and it was very cool, here in infuse with how beautiful it is, it would be incredible to have it
3.Just as there is a folder of series movies, it is incredible that I do not have the possibility of having a folder of anime series, I have thousands and thousands of files (surely the person who has the most files in infuse in the world) and I do not like that they come out mixed with the rest of series
4.I have many movies in different resolutions 720p 1080p 4k and I have the same movie in 1080p and 4k (I don’t have all the TVs at home with 4k) it would be a good idea for that movie in several different resolutions to only appear once and not repeated like now It would be very nice and practical if it had tabs in the upper right / left corner with colors according to resolution 720p in gray 1080p in blue and 4k in yellow for example When a tab is selected, the color will be highlighted and in case of having different covers, the different resolutions will also change the covers as well. and that when you play a movie in any of the resolutions, mark it for you in all resolutions as views
with that it would be an infuse of 9.9
Thank you so much
greetings from Spain

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I wasn’t sure what you are asking for in number 1 so if you could explain a bit more it’d help.

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