Various problems with Mega connection

When I want to play a movie from my Mega folder sometimes the video just spins forever and doesn’t load, when I click Done in the upper left hand corner the whole app gets stuck in the loading screen and I have to restart it.

Also when I open a Mega folder from my favorites right after I open the app new (hasn’t been open on the background) I get an error occurred. This goes away when I wait for a couple seconds. It feels to me like Infuse needs a bit of time after startup to connect to Mega. It might be a better user experience to display a different message than “an error occurred” but obviously avoiding that time would be even better.

I hope the Mega Connection gets improved because it’s such an awesome feature to stream directly from Mega.

I noticed one file in mega stopped working but everything else still plays. I need to download it to play.

This is how it looks like when it gets stuck, once I press the done button “loading…” disappears and the whole app freezes in the spinner.