Various audio issues with inFuse pro both prior to and after TVOS 11.3 update

Hi, I wanted to bring another similar issue to your attention, even though it’s not specifically DTS related. I’ve noticed whenever I playback a ripped DVD (in MKV) with a low bitrate Dolby 5.1 track, and the setting is set to auto. The channels get switched. For example: the center channel content plays out the front right speaker instead of center. HD audio to PCM doesn’t seem to have this issue. Also, switching back to passthrough would solve the issue, I haven’t tried it as of TVOS 11.3. I Also can’t tell you if it’s InFuse, or the Apple TV at fault either, because the same content one streamed to the Sony UBP-X800 plays normally, even when the unit is set to output in PCM vs Bitstream. FYI I never tried a standard DTS track in this setup so I can’t tell you if the channels would be switched for DTS. I just know it happens with standard Dolby digital 5.1 to PCM played in InFuse. iTunes and other streaming channels such as Netflix, VUDU, etc don’t have the issue.

In addition to this and the DTS issue, I also don’t get audio in 5.1 air playing from an iPad Air 2 running iOS 11.3, and latest version of inFuse pro. Both options for 5.1 audio over HDMI, and AirPlay are enabled.

Can you try switching the Apple TV from ‘Best Quality Available’ to ‘Dolby Digital’ (in Settings > Video and Audio > Surround Sound) to see if this changes anything?

We’ve seen a few cases where some devices don’t handle PCM properly, and this also applies to other apps that use PCM.

Hi James, thanks for getting back. Regarding the switched channels, changing InFuse from auto to passthrough fixes the issue. However with the recent DTS issue, I’ve put both settings back to best, and auto. I will do the revers leaving InFuse set to auto, and changing Apple TV to Dolby see if this also corrects the issues. I also wanted to remind you, the issue only seems to show up with standard DD to PCM conversion. Can’t speak for standard DTS to PCM since I haven’t tried. Both DTS HD, and Dolby TrueHD both seem to translate to PCM correctly when both settings are auto and best. Will reply again when I’ve tried your suggestion to give you that feedback.

James, I have run into another problem. I can no longer airplay from the copy of InFuse running on the iPad Air 2. I have iOS 11.3, and latest InFuse Pro version. Now when I tap the airplay icon in the player, I just get an Enable Airplay Mirroring message instead the list of devices to AirPlay to. I did change the settings on the Apple TV as you requested. (Apple TV 4). My Apple TV 4K is already set to Dolby output as multi channel PCM can’t pass over optical. So the only direct HDMI testing I can do is on the 1080p setup with the Apple TV 4. Both Apple TVs have 11.3 on them.

OK, when all said and done, I was able to enable mirroring on the iPad, however with InFuse set to auto and the Apple TV set to Dolby digital 5,.1 for surround. I streamed my copy of Disney’s Aladdin as a test from MKV, and got loud static similar to the DTS issue. I am certain the main audio track is AC3 5.1 as well.

Anyway I hope between these posts I’ve provided enough info to get a handle on.

you cant airplay an iso file… there are certain files you cant airplay…

I never tried to airplay an ISO file. I loaded up a movie from inFuse on the iPad which is the same share I would watch from on iNfuse directly on the Apple TV. I airPlayed from infuse for iOS to the Apple TV.

What type of file was it?

All my commercial rips are MKV using MakeMKV. I make an exact copy of the content on the disc, so the movie in MKV contains the exact same structure as the m2ts, or VOB files.

Some file types can be streamed with native AirPlay, while others require mirroring.

In general, anything that is h.264 based (MKV, ISO, WMV, etc…) can use native AirPlay. Everything else will need to use mirroring, as AirPlay does not support non-native codecs.

I follow, so while the movie Aladdin was in an MKV container, because it was MPEG2Video from DVD, that’s what triggered the mirroring demand vs native airplay.

Yep, that’s correct. :slight_smile:

James, was able to reproduce the incorrectly processed audio issue when settings are set to Best quality, and Auto. The center channel once again played from the front right. When Passthrough was working, changing InFuse to Passthrough corrected the issue. Now, that Passthrough is currently broken, I was able to resolve it by setting the Apple TV to Dolby digital 5.1. I will be much happier to be able to toggle the setting in Infuse again once things are fixed as having everything re-endoed as dolby also comes with it’s own set of pitfalls.

FYI: Movie tested was also Disney’s Aladdin in this case, from the DVD, so it was an MKV played directly on Apple TV using Infuse. No AirPlay this time. Video is Mpeg2Video, and the main audio track is AC3 5.1. Will also mention that sending HD audio as PCM doesn’t seem to have the same processing issues as sending a standard format that’s not HD audio as PCM. Probably something goes wrong with the conversion to lossless uncompressed from lossy.

Passthrough is not working with Infuse Pro 5.7.

Sends the bitstream out as PCM to the Denon AVR. (Makes a dreadful, and loud, noise.)

Will try setting the ATV to DD out as a test, but even if that works that is not viable long term since would require manually changing, and every user remembering to change, every time using Infuse versus iTunes/Amazon/Netflix for best quality audio.

I wanted to post a correction here that I also posted on the passthrough thread. When Playing a movie with a DD 5.1track with the audio settings as follows:

Settings in TVOS set to Best quality
InFuse set to: Auto

The center channel plays both from the center and right speakers, with the trounced output being from the right front speaker.
As first stated, when changing TVOS setting to Dolby Digital 5.1, playback returns to normal. It was the same when passthrough was working. I could leave TVOS set to Best, and change InFuse to Passthrough to also correct the problem.

I have taken mental note that when using services like Netflix, VUDU, iTunes, etc, the problem doesn’t occur with PCM 5.1 output. The problem seems to lie with programs such as Infuse ,and MrMC. Even Plex works correctly in these circumstances.

As I have stated on both threads, I have uploaded two of my MKV files for Firecore testing.

Aladdin (1992).mkv
Spider-Man - s01e01.mkv

The first has AC3 5.1 only.
The second has both AC3, and DTS 5.1.

Audio receiver being used in these setups is the Vizio SB3651-e6 5.1 sound bar system.
direct HDMI connections are supported, however I can only use this on my 1080p setup regarding the Apple TV as it’s 1.4 only.
For 4k, only the Sony UHD player can do this as it has dual HDMI outs. Everything else goes through the TV, and out optical. As stated before AppleTV is the only device where I’ve had any sort of issues with this configurations. Other devices such as the ROKU, and the built in apps (that support multichannel audio) all passthrough audio out optical with no issues. With Apple TV, I have to force it to DD 5.1 instead of Best to get anything but stereo.

Installed the latest InFuse today, and still have the same PCM audio issues as usual when playing back DD audio under auto and best settings. Did a comparison in Plex, and audio was correct.

It’s interesting this is only occurring with the Apple TV set to Best Quality, but not Dolby Digital. In both cases, Infuse is actually sending the same audio to the Apple TV for it to box up and pass along to your receiver (or sound bar in this case).

For fun you may try playing a few of the channel test files found here to see how they work with your setup.

And if you want to test AC3 specifically, try the ‘Channel Check’ sample found here.

James, I will check that out. I wanted to remind you that I also have a Sony UBP-X800 4K UHD Blu-ray player in the living room, and because of it’s dual HDMI outputs it can connect directly to HDMI 2.0 and 1.4 at the same time. I’m bringing this up because it can send as Bitstream, or PCM. When the Sony plays the same files as inFuse and sends as PCM, audio plays without issues., likewise, as I said Plex on the Apple TV in the bedroom that has the HDMI connection to the sound bar, also plays correctly, even with the Apple TV set to best, and the sound bar receives PCM 5.1 from the Apple TV.

The only issues I’ve Had are with InFuse, or MrMC. I also wanted to clarify here that, I can set the Apple TV’s surround to Dolby Digital, and leave InFuse set to auto, or when Passthrough was working, was able to set the Apple TV to Best, and InFuse to passthrough and play it correctly. The main breakage comes from the Best Quality/ Auto combination. If I do the diagnostics will that give any info to what’s going on? If I send the code to the email address listed?

Yes, it’s definitely a little strange.

Give those samples a try and see if you are seeing anything different. It will at least help narrow down the areas we need to investigate. If you are able to replicate the issue and send in a report from the Apple TV shortly after, it may help.

FYI, when Infuse is set to Passthrough (when it was working in pre-11.3) it will ignore the option set in the Apple TV’s settings and just send bitstream audio.

@James, I just sent you a PM with specifics to track down that I have found to trigger the problem every time here.