Variable Video Crop/Zoom

Hi there!

I’m a happy owner of Infuse 3 Pro, truly the best media player for iOS hands down!
My humble suggestion would be to add variable zoom/crop to video playback, to help accommodate playback of videos not in
the native aspect ratio of the iDevices.

I do know that there is a crop feature built in right now, but it’s too severe as an option.
For example, if you were trying to watch a film release on a 4:3 ipad, almost half the picture gets cropped!

Adding pinch to zoom, or at least some half-way there options (instead of just cropping to fullscreen), that would be indeed awesome.
I believe it would also be a fair attraction as a Pro feature as it’s not mandatory, yet quite useful.

If you are looking for a video pinch-to-zoom example, check out the Twitch App.

Thank you for your time and kudos for this sweet piece of software!

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