Variable speed playback - editable presets and pop-up options

Hi there,

I’m writing this not having watched any shows or movies with the new variable speed feature, but I am so pleased it’s now available…congrats! But what I did do is go into Infuse on both my iPad and aTV to have a look at how it’s implemented. Here’s some suggestions on things I’d like to see added…

Editable list of speed presets

  • I’m a simple bloke…and probably won’t use most of the speeds there.
  • It would be great if I could delete a few and then just have the ones I want…which would probably just be 0.5x, 1x, 1.3x (as default…I seem to like the results) and 2x.
  • Why editable? Well, it helps with the following…

Tap to play or Press and hold to select speed

  • I go into Infuse, navigate to the movie I want to watch.

  • On an iPad, if I just tap the play icon/button, the movie plays at the default speed

  • If I press and hold my finger down on the play icon, my list of speed presets pops up and I can decide which speed I want to watch the movie in

  • On aTV, similar…I could press the play button on the remote and get my default speed.

  • If I tap the glass touch surface (at the top of the remote) after I have moved to the play icon, I get the same thing…playback at the default speed

  • If I hold down the glass touch surface after I have moved to the play icon, I get my pop-up list pf presets appear above the playback icon and can select the speed I want for that movie

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Looking forward to trying out the new feature out!!

Cheers, Phil

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