Validated ethernet storage setup

Done some searching on this forum and there are some postings about NAS type devices and such but I couldn’t find a clear answer so here we go:
Who has an ethernet disk (make and model) attached to a wireless-N network and has good performance on video (Divx) playback.?

My current setup is a LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini V2 wired to a Wireless-N router and playback is jerky as discussed in various postings
I’ve also a Mac wired to the same Wirelss-N router and the same Divx file from the Mac is flawless so my guess is that the LaCie is causing the bottleneck.

I’m planning on replacing the LaCie drive for another type question is which one to choose.?

I can’t speak for Ethernet disks on the AppleTV as I do not have one. But as far as the playback issues with the Mac and the Lacie, have you updated the firmware on LaCie drive? Be aware that any firmware update can brick a drive, so be careful. You can find that firmware update here if you need it:

Thanks, yes I have updated the LaCie firmware to the latest and greatest. I’m still 100% convinced the latency in the LaCie is causing the choppy playback since the same file from a share on my Mac is perfectly OK. I have to check but I think both devices have the same speed (5400 rpm) disk… OSX does buffering and optimisation before sending it off on the network.
It would be nice to know who is using what drive and successfully streaming Divx files


I have a very similar set up, but my LaCie is the 2Big RAID network version. I only just got aTV Flash working this evening so I will let you know how I get on. Meanwhile perhaps you could answer two questions to help me get my Apple TV to “see” my NAS drives ?

  1. Are you on 2.3 firmware in the Apple TV ?
  2. Are your drives displayed on your AppleTV as :- “SMB on LaCie” or as “AFP on LaCie” ?

Mine obstinately appear as AFP not SMB and so wont connect (as AFP apparently does not work with AppleTV 2.3 firmware).


Hi Shaun,

Did you had any luck setting up the network and such.?

My config is aTV 2.1 -reverted back and forth numerous of times and I still think 2.1 is the most stable version around- and the drives are connected through SMB.
I do know the 2Big and the ED MiniV2 have very different specs and I think you should be fine unless the internal LaCie OS is messing up performance.

I’m a happy bunny -finally- and got the ethernet storage working as I was hoping it would be.
Since streaming Divx through wireless was jerky I suspected the Linksys 54G router was causing the bottleneck and upgraded to a Wireless-N without the expected improvement, still jerky.
So back to the roots and a plain old CAT5 cable did the magic trick :sunglasses:
I’m now streaming without jerky playback in both Sapphire and nitoTV so moving files through a hideous slow SFTP to an USB drive on the ATV is over :smiley:

My current dummy proof setup is a MAC downloading content and putting it on share “movies” and let the ATV automount to the same “movies” share and off we go.
Brilliant !

Hi There,

I am a newbie to all of this - actually I have just installed atvflash as I am a windows user and couldn’t do the flash until now. I Have a Lacie edmini v2 with all my movies, music and photos on it and I don’t really understand how I connect it so the media can be shared. Please can you help.

Within Nitotv, network I can see the lacie drive dns name and after it says afpconvet (or something similar). If I select it I can select guest or registered user. I did registered used and did the username and password that I have set for the appletv on the lacie with full share permissions then the atv seemed to do something like a restart but then where should I be able to see my media.

If you could help a newbie like me that would be very kind. I on apple v2.3 and ATV 3.5.

PS - I think this ATVFlash software is the dogs nuts - it unleashes the real abilities of the appletv.



It’s pretty straight forward , you just need a little push in the right direction i guess.
I’ll explain my stup and settings hopefully they work for you as well; On the EDmini I’ve activated MediaServer and created a share “Movies” available through all protocols except FTP but thats irrelevant for now.

On my ATV I’ve installed the MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9, a tutorial can be found on this forum but I assume you’ve already done that.
In NitoTV add a mount by simply filling the blanks:
Mount Name : can be anything and has nothing to do with the sharename on your LaCie,
Mount Type : SMB
Mount Address: 192.168.1.x (the IP address of the EDmini)
User login: take from the EDmini
Password: take from the EDmini
Volume path: Movies (the sharename with your content)
Automount : On
save settings and mount. That will mount your share.

I only use Sapphire cause i think it’s brilliant, so in the Sapphire menu your mountpoint will show up as /mnt/Scratch/Volumes/Movies
If it doesn’t show up, check in Sapphire setting/Hide collections and uncheck the mountpoint

Hope this helps


Thank you so much - it was easy! Now I am truly madly deeply about my Appletv!

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