V7.4.4 crashes using search on iPhone

Version 7.4.4 crashes when using the search function on my iPhone.
If I enter text into the search field, the progress indicator starts rotating and after a few moments, the app freezes completely, so I have to kill the app.

I already rebooted the iPhone, no changes.

iOS 15.6.1 on iPhone 12 Pro

No problems on iPadOS with 7.4.4

Does it still play videos and the other functions?

Yes playback works, but loading of posters is also slow.

If you go to the settings > library has it finished the updates and is showing a last iCloud sync?

Yes library is updated and icloud sync was done.
Search still not working and crashing the app

It almost sounds like the update may have corrupted the app. I had that happen a few updates back and had to delete the app and then re-download it. All was good after.

Maybe with a diagnostic code sent after you let it crash and then restart may help Firecore figure out something.

after reinstalling the app it works again

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