V6 - Thank You

Hello everyone,

first, thank you for the update.
Infuse runs as smooth as expected.

But, I have to say that I’m pretty disappointed.
There are no real new features or improvements.

A lot of awaited features like trailers, search for actors or a “watch later list” are not implemented. You say it’s a huge update, but I cannot find anything new but the new dark app icon. Even the UI looks like in v5.

Updating the playback core is fine but I cannot feel any differences to v5. Same about iCloud sync. It works faster but it also worked in v5. Now v6 needs 20mb of my iCloud storage instead of 15kb like on v5.

Better subtitle (downloaded) and Plex handling is not interesting for me, because I don’t use Plex and all of movies have subtitles muxed in.

If I hadn’t an annual subscription - so the update was kind of free of charge for me - I’d be really annoyed if I had bought the full version of v6.

Each single update I rated with five stars in the App Store. But now I will go down to two stars.


  • no new features
  • same look
  • new version number in old garment

What I’d expected:

  • slight UI Update
  • some new features (like trailers, German tv show ratings, volume level decrease additional to volume level increase, search for actors, watch later list)
  • remember video zoom setting after returning to the current playback
  • extra button to delete local fetched metadata only

What a pity.

  • remo

Been waiting for some else to say this.

Huge list of suggestions and no real progression.

Even simple things like not having the backgrounds blurred, that’s an easy implementation including a user option for this, yet it’s been over looked entirely.

Infuse is wonderful but this update didn’t change a great deal really.

If it wasn’t for me being subscribed, I wouldn’t pay for this upgrade over Infuse 5.

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I feel the same, looks like a minor update.

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Where is the news here? Isn’t it they way it worked already in the past?

You‘re right.
The difference is that it should work faster now.
In my eyes an improvement only - not exclusive new for v6…

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Infuse 6 includes quite a few new major additions and improvements, and depending on how you use Infuse these may or may not make a big impact for you.

Development isn’t stopping with 6.0 and we’re continuing to work on great new features and additions (like we did with Infuse 5 Infuse Release Notes | Firecore) for 6.1, 6.2, etc… These are generally made available when they are ready, and not held back for a major release. For example, we introduced a full iOS redesign in Infuse 5.6 (Infuse 5.6 - A Fresh New Look + HDR | Firecore), whereas a more traditional approach would be to release an update like this as 6.0.

This thread has a look at some of the things we’re working to add for upcoming versions, and is updated regularly.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: