V5 Pro to v6 pricing question

I am glad about that, too. I switched from Infuse 5 Pro Standalone to a Pro Lifetime subscription with Infuse 6. The standalone app got very expensive compared to version 4 and 5. I paid 9,99€ for Infuse 4 Pro and got Infuse 5 Pro for free (as I purchased 4 Pro within the grace period short before the release of version 5) but this is 16,99€ today. Infuse 6 Pro standalone has a price tag of 27,99€ – and even if I wanted to as I got Infuse 5 Pro for free; I could not take advantage of the App bundle as reduced upgrade option. (Completing the bundle always reduces the bundle price about that amount you paid for already purchased apps. This is the way that Apple deals with it - not the fault of Firecore.) Lifetime subscription will be paid off with Infuse 7 this way, so this seems like a good deal for me. And I even paid more for some apps that I use less then Infuse…

Well thats what FC are offering in the lifetime upgrade one off payment so yeah, it can be done, although it depends where you live if its a lunch or evening meal cost.

My issue is not with the cost, just how confusing it all seems and its easy to pay for the wrong version (as i seem to have done a couple years ago).

At the time Infuse 5 was released there was no lifetime subscription. Only one-off standalone Pro 5 (only Pro for Infuse 5) or monthly/yearly subscription with monthly/yearly payments were available at this time. The lifetime option was added later. Depending the time of purchase you may didn’t had the option to get a lifetime subscription. And after paying for Infuse 5 Pro standalone there were no reason to change until yesterday…

So @james.

I commented the price of the new INFUSE and was immediately deleted from the beta testers…


Also I don’t understand why the lifetime version is not simply offered as a standalone app. There is no need for recurring payments so no need for in-app purchase, and it would let it work with Apple family sharing (whereas implementing it as an in-app purchase disables family sharing and forces people to you the trakt hack which is not ideal).

I do not understand why I have to pay MONTHLY to watch my videos?
How come the new price is double from Infuse 5 ?

Totally unjustified.

Apologies for the confusion and frustration here.

The vast majority of our Pro users are using the free Infuse app with either a monthly or annual subscription. Pricing for those on a subscription is fixed, and will never change. For these users (as well as lifetime users), the Infuse 6 update was delivered automatically without any hoops to jump through.

Some people prefer to go with one-time purchases. The reasons for this are understandable, and not unreasonable. However, to be fair to those who have opted to support us via one of the subscription options, pricing for the one-time purchase options had to be set where they are.

If you purchased Infuse Pro 5 for $15, the math works out like this.

  • Purchase the Infuse Pro 6 bundle and save 20% on the price of Infuse Pro 6. This would give you all updates until Infuse 7 is released.
  • Purchase the lifetime license through the free Infuse 6 app, and get a FULL credit of your $15 towards the purchase. This would give you all updates, including v7, v8, etc...

In my personal opinion, subscriptions are good for both users and developers. For users, there’s no guessing if a major release is coming soon, and there’s generally an understanding of continual updates (at least that’s how it is for us). For developers, we can simply work to deliver amazing features and release them when they are ready, without holding things back until the next major release. One example of this is when we released a full iOS redesign mid-cycle in 5.6. We plan to continue this steady stream of updates with Infuse 6.

Lastly, if I’m honest, there’s no need to rush and upgrade right away. These discounts will hang around for the foreseeable future, so if v5 is working great for you then I say stick with it. Maybe we’ll add something that catches your eye in 6.1 or 6.2 and you can take the plunge then.

Overall, we’re just glad you’re part of our community and using Infuse, no matter what version. :slight_smile:

I’m one of the many users that don’t understand this crazy price model for Infuse 6. Care to explain again?

I currently have Infuse Pro 5 (Standalone version), and right now these are the options that I have available in the App Store:

$24.99 - Infuse Pro 6
$39.99 - Infuse Pro 6 - upgrade

My question is: if I already have Infuse Pro 5, why do I need to pay more ($39.99) to upgrade my app from version 5 to 6? It makes much more sense to just buy Infuse Pro 6 for $24.99, right? Or am I missing something?

The $24.99 is to buy Infuse 6 Pro, which is only for the Infuse 6 version, so when Infuse 7 comes out you will need to buy that as a new purchase.

The $39.99 is for Infuse 6 Pro Lifetime purchase, and will work for Infuse 6 and all later major versions. As you have an earlier version of Infuse Pro installed this price will include a discount (the amount paid to purchase the currently installed Infuse Pro version) over the normal price of the Infuse 6 Lifetime price.

The upgrade on is a bundle with both infuse 5 and infuse 6. Since you already have infuse 5 the App Store will reduce the bundle price when you click on it ans it should be cheaper then 24.99. But it will depend on how much you paid for infuse 5, for me the discount was just 2 euros for the upgrade.

Mine isn’t cheaper (attached screenshot). I also have a lifetime subscription of the Pro but I use the standalone app since you can’t family share and we all have different trakt account.

Hopefully Apple will let you family share subscriptions one day. I don’t blame Infuse for this, but if they let you have multi-user support with Plex and just use Trakt without pulling down watch status or scrobbling that would be a good solution.

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I think there’s a bug in the app store.
I also have now a 6 lifetime and Pro 5, my discount towards Pro 6 is 2.99

Ok, that’s different for what I see. I do have a “complete bundle” option as the above poser.

Either a bug in the App Store or you got Infuse 5 at a significant discount meaning you don’t qualify to complete the bundle (I believe the bundle completion cost depends on how much you actually paid for the app you already have rather that it’s current list price).

And yes I’m all with you - can’t blame infuse for Apple not allowing family sharing of in app purchases … but at least if would be nice to improve the trakt hack by allowing users to use the trakt account only to enable family sharing (and not force people to share the same trakt watch history within the family).

I think as long as you use only different devices with infuse the library sync is now handled via iCloud. Trakt for synchronisation purposes should only be necessary if you want to sync with anything else then Infuse. Or if you are interested in keep track of your viewing statistics with trakt.

I use trakt to log what I watch on infuse, Netflix, Mubi, on TV, at the cinema, etc.

I don’t think I’m an exception - I know not everyone uses this but it’s kind of a big selling point of trakt to offer a permanent and centralised watch history regardless of how the content was watched, so there most be others doing the same.

Also I might be wrong but I think once you log in with trakt in Infuse, there is no option to ignore the trakt watch history and just rely on the Infuse cloud library.

So if I give my brother my trakt account so that he can access my Infuse subscribtion and 5 years ago I marked a movie as watched on trakt; as soon as my brother adds that movie to Infuse it will also be marked as watched for him and he won’t be able to change that without wiping my trakt watch history.

Am I wrong?

In a post in the tvOS-Area James states, that trakt is handled secondary to iCloud Syncing. However this is not of use when you use different sources for your trakt profile. I am not sure about the way Infuse is handling data from trakt coming from an external player (e.g. Netflix). But to be honest: I have no family sharing and use my Infuse Pro licence only for myself. And considering trakt: Infuse is my only source. Only activated it to sync play state between different devices. I consider with family sharing in mind it is best to use trakt only to enable family sharing and nothing else as long you use a subscription intead of the standalone app.

It seems there are some quirks with the bundle which can cause prices to vary a bit. This is due to Apple’s math, as they will credit you with the actual price you paid for an app.

For example, the normal price of Infuse Pro 5 was $15, so Apple will credit that towards the bundle price of $35…allowing you to upgrade for $20 (a 20% discount).

If you happened to purchase Infuse Pro 5 at a lower price (during the original launch), or redeemed it with a promo code, then the bundle price you see may be a bit different.

So I clearly owned the one off 5 Pro. And I went ahead and used the “complete my bundle” option to buy 6 Pro as a one off again for $20 on my iPhone. Now on my iPad I see the bundle as purchased in the App Store but I can’t install it. And if I download the free version I can’t “restore”. Basically I can’t seem to get my purchased version of 6 Pro on my other devices without paying again, again?

This is some sort of App Store bug which hopefully gets cleared up soon (perhaps when 6.0.1 becomes available?).

Here’s a workaround which has been confirmed by a few people so far.

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