V5 Pro to v6 pricing question

Ive had V5 Pro for ages. Fully paid up with a one off payment a while ago… Am i reading this right that i have to pay another £38 for a lifetime licence for V6 pro now?
The email I got from Firecore said V6 was a free upgrade to all pro users.

Thanks for any clarification on this.

Read carefully. The mail reads as follows: “Infuse 6 is a free upgrade for all Pro subscribers (monthly, yearly, lifetime).”

The standalone app called Infuse 5 Pro is no subscription. It was an one-off payment and enables Pro only within this app and only for version 5. You got a lifetime licence for Infuse 5 Pro. You can continue to use Infuse 5 with all Pro features.

I am not sure about the pricing in UK, but in Germany a full lifetime licence for Infuse 6 Pro (again version 6 only!) costs 27,99€. 37,99€ is the full upgrade bundle containing Infuse 5 Pro and Infuse 6 Pro.

I did of course read the email carefully, but my understating was i have a licnece for Pro. I mean, i paid for the Pro version so I’m about miffed that ‘Pro’ doesn’t always mean Pro.

Cheers though, ill stick to 5, £38 is just way to much to pay for features i dont really have a use for anyway.

This lifetime subscription of Infuse Pro is valid for any future versions – same as if you would subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan. I suspect I got the same upgrade mail and it reads as I quoted here. I also used the paid “Infuse 5 Pro” up till today and it was clear to me at time of purchase that it only will cover updates to Infuse 5 Pro not upgrades to Infuse 6 and beyond.

The standalone app should be cheaper then £38. I read it is about £24 in another thread. But here it will be the same with version 7: New purchase necessary.

The only options i have to upgrade in V6 is £38.99 or almost £50 (forever licence) plus the yearly one at £8.99

If I understand it correctly, there is also another Infuse 6 Pro version that is for the lifetime of Infuse 6. Not yearly, not monthly, and not lifetime. Forever, but just for Infuse Pro 6. No free upgrades to Infuse Pro 7.

In the US, the pricing appears to be as follows:

$24.99 - Infuse Pro 6 forever
$9.99 - Infuse Pro 6 yearly subscription
$0.99 - Infuse Pro 6 monthly subscription
$54.99 - Infuse Pro Lifetime subscription
$39.99 - Infuse Pro 6 upgrade

you will get Infuse 6 Pro forever and you will pay Infuse Pro 7 forever in one year or two … no way !

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Sorry for the confusion.

The in-app options (monthly, yearly, lifetime) will cover all future updates. The paid app options (Infuse Pro 5, Infuse Pro 6, etc…) will cover updates for that particular version.

More info on the differences, as well as the different options for upgrading from Infuse Pro 5 can be found here.

We’re continually adding new features and improvements, and the subscription model allows us to continue doing this. We get that not everyone is on board with that idea, so that is why we provide two different options.


Thanks for your input but im still confused.

Do you have any discounts for existing customers that paid the lifetime V5Pro one off payment? it seems very confusing as there are different ways that i could have paid for v5 Pro back then
when i opened V6 i had the options as i posted above. Is £38 really a special upgrade price? What is the new customer price for the lifetime V6 pro only?

The lifetime option has only been offered as an in-app purchase via the free Infuse app.

It sounds like you had the standalone Infuse Pro 5 app, which is different.

If you own the standalone Pro 5 app, you can receive a discount when purchasing Infuse Pro 6 via the bundle option. Or, you can receive full credit of your Infuse Pro 5 purchase towards a lifetime license via the free Infuse 6 app.

sorry but everyone is confused with your options, nobody understands anything

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Yes, i had the one off stand alone V5.
How do i get the credit or discount towards the new version other than through the bundle? is the £38.99 a discounted price?

This is the bit i dont understand.

Upgrading to lifetime via the Infuse 6 app will give you full credit of your Infuse Pro 5 purchase.

On the upgrade prompt you will see 2 options for lifetime. The first item in the list is marked as ‘special’. This is the same as the normal lifetime license which appears last in the list, but available at a lower price for those with Infuse Pro 5.

But the first says only for V6, where as the last in the list says for all future versions. With only £10 difference i dont think £38 for the one version is a good deal at all.

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Sorry for the confusion.

All the in-app options will cover future updates (v7, v8, etc…). You can confirm this by viewing the last feature listed on the purchase prompt.

The only option that wouldn’t entitle you to future updates would be if you purchase the standalone paid app.

Still confused about the upgrade options as the frist in the list definitely said all future versions of V6 only.

Ok. now i can see two versions of V6 in the App store. One for £23.99 and the one i looked which gives the upgrade options.
So let me get this right. if i liked the free version and wanted to get the pro version, and get all future updates the best option is to NOT buy the pro version, but to upgrade the free version?
if i had read about this app and decided to purchase it i would not look at the free version, but go for the pro version, which will cost me more in the long run

if so thats a crazy business model.

il keep my 5 pro as long as possible and will use VLC if it is no possible anymore
sorry I wont play your game

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Dear erick-ymages,

firecore is a software development company.
Do you honestly think you could have a long-term business model, based on one-off purchase (equivalent of a lunch meal with no beer) made every 2/3 years?

yes but VLC is free and there is not a huge difference even if I prefer Infuse, and for the price you ask I get a GPS app like Sygic unparalleled with an app to just watch movies
You are killing your app, you will see it by your own in a not so long time

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Well, this worked many years for many software developers. And even today I can buy a lifetime subscription: A one-off purchase I make once and enables Pro Features on any future version of Infuse. I don’t even have to make a purchase every 2/3 years.

I understand that for developers the subscription model is great. It ensures constant cash flow and as you can see with Infuse 5 we got constant development with new features. No need to save features for the next big release, because there is no need to persuade customers to buy the new version. But this arguments are a bit weak with lifetime subscriptions…