V5.5, How to hide the big "Add File" button

The big grey “Add File” button in File UI looks so apart from the main UI which is filled with colourful Posters.

Since we can “Add File” from the 3-dot menu, can I hide the grey button from main UI?


In 5.5.1. the Add Files button now has a more subtle appearance which should allow it to blend in a bit better. :wink:

Hi all,

the “Add files” button is in the latest version less prominent.
But in my opinion not pretty useful. The look and feel of infuse is great - as expected!
The large button harms the overall clean look of infuse. You can reach this action
by hitting the three dots at the bottom right, too. So for me, having the large button placed
next to the media is kind of useless.
So, can you implement any option to hide/remove this button?


Again have to agree. Having both this big button and also the option within the 3 dots is overkill. In my case I have setup shows/movies for my 2yo daughter and teaching her not to select that option is hard with it being so prominent.
Also really need to fix ability to have app “stick” to the “files” interface instead of the weird “library” interface. And by this when app is closed; still needs to stay on this upon next app start.

I totally agree. Is there a chance for the “Add File“ button to disappear from the UI and being moved to the 3-dot menu? That would give the UI a cleaner look.


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