v5.4, I wish I can disable ASS/SSA styling...

The look and feel of ASS/SSA subtitle is completely depending on the people who made the subtitle – watching a subtitle with strange color or font or size or position is so painful.

So can you make a global option, disable ASS/SSA style, once it is disable, use the subtitle settings for SRT to render ASS/SSA?

And 2 issues:

  1. Vertical position setting in a ASS/SSA subtitle, seems to be set based on Video height, for those letterboxing films, ASS/SSA subtitles are displayed at very high position even set Vertical to -2. In SRT subtitle, Vertical position is based on screen height, so subtitles are perfectly displayed within the bottom black bar.

  2. Infuse will not add new subtitles if a movie is played once. Use above as sample, when I realised the bad of ASS subtitle, I converted it to SRT and uploaded to folder, quit movie and played it again, but new added subtitle couldn’t be detected. I have to quit Infuse, double-tap Home button, swipe up to kill Infuse app, relaunch it, open the same movie again, then it is able to find new added subtitle.

An option to override SSA styles is something we’re considering for the future.

in next version :slight_smile:

BTW, this version seems to be case sensitive when it finds subtitle files.

movie name: The.Pursuit.Of.Happyness.2006.mkv
it can’t find subtitle file: The.Pursuit.of.Happyness.2006.srt
it can find: The.Pursuit.Of.Happyness.2006.srt

Hi James,

How soon can we see this? Or else I have to spend time on searching and converting all ASS/SSA subtitles to SRT format…