[v5.3.1] Google drive sync broken from the latest update?

Anyone else with google drive sync in infuse not able to scan their library?

i’ve had “fetching content for google” with:

Movies: 0
TV: 0
Other 0

The latest update has stopped all integrations with google, please release a hotfix soon!

Hmm - can you try logging out and then back into Google Drive?

Google is changing their login requirements on 4/20, and we reworked how logins are handled in 5.3 in order to be in compliance with the change. It’s possible connections set up before the change in 5.3 may stop working at some point.

okay trying to login again.

Update #1: it’s been 2 hours now and I’ve got this:

TV Episodes: 0
Other: 2279

Fetching content for Google

why is the process for metadata via google drive painfully slow and it also randomly resets my library to start a fresh scan… I have’t been able to get 100% scan complete because it’s been resetting.

Update #2:

The only way i’ve been able to get metadata to load for libraries is to open the folders the movies are located in, waiting (it was never this slow navigating folders) for it to load and then go back to check it in the library.

Update #3:

Library folders are now taking a long time to even open up and when they do Infuse crashes to the Apple Tv Homescreen.

Something went wrong in the recent update that broke the speed and integration of google drive, Hopefully there’s a quick hot fix coming?!

Can you send in a report from your device so we can look into this?

sure thing! I’ll send it soon!

so the email back suggested I do what you previously suggested… i’m not sure what to do… it’s been a week now and google drive is still scanning metadata and the restarting after a while… Is this a bug or a caching issue?

would someone be able to explain? thanks :smiley: