V4.4.3 w/ firecore 1.0 - Stuck in recovery mode???

I have jailbroken, installed the latest version of firecore, preformed a tethered boot, and have had everything working properly at least 4 times.  HOWEVER, when I pull the power (or put the ATV to sleep from the menu), the ATV shows the screen with a usb cable and an itunes logo (recovery mode?).  If I do another tethered boot, the ATV will work until power is lost again, or the ATV goes to sleep…  Then its back to recovery mode until I do ANOTHER tethered boot.


This is BEYOND annoying, and I’m ready to drop kick my ATV into my fireplace.


I have not found ANYBODY else with this issue who is using Firecore anywhere on the entire Internet.  How is this possible?  What am I not doing correctly?


note: I have been using firecore for months now (purchased a two year subscription), and have never had an issue until IOS 5 was released.


Sorry for the venting :)  I would LOVE ANY suggestions on how to fix this.





As I’ve just learned (Thanks to itimpi) when using 4.4.x you’ll have to start your ATV2 allway tethered. Else you have to use firmware 4.3.x

Thanks for the reply!


So if anyone using 4.4.x loses power, they have to tether boot again?  My computer isn’t near my TV anyway, so I guess I can’t use IOS5 on my ATV w/ firecore…

I am afraid that there is no workaround - at the moment if you want to use iOS5 on your ATV2 then you have to use a tethered jailbreak.   The 4.3 firmware (which is iOS 4 based) does not have this restriction.

There are obviously developers working on trying to to provide an untethered jailbreak for iOS5 based systems (not just the ATV2).   However as this relies on finding a weakness in the OS that can be exploited one can never guarantess either that such a weakness will be found, or the timescale for doing it.   Having said that, past experience suggests that an untethered jailbreak for the 4.4.x fiormware is likely to appear in a reasonable timeframe once an untehtered jailbreak has been achieved.

The only peop[le who could make this easier would be Apple themselves, but they have no interest in helping the jailbreak community - in fact the exact opposite as they have been making jailbreaking progressively harder as new releases of iOS are made.